26 Habits You’ll Pick Up While Living in Brazil

When many people think of Brazil, they think of beautiful, pristine beaches…carnival…festive music and dance…fútebol… Brazil is all of that…and so much more. It’s an incredibly diverse and unique country filled with many cultural idiosyncrasies that might seem strange to outsiders. After spending just over a year living in Brazil, I’ve found that there areContinue reading “26 Habits You’ll Pick Up While Living in Brazil”

What it’s REALLY Like to Live in Medellin, Colombia

After spending seven unforgettable weeks in Buenos Aires, I once again packed my bags and this time, relocated to Medellin, Colombia, where I ended up living for another two months. Why Medellin? I was drawn to the fact that there was a huge digital nomad (pardon the douchy term) and entrepreneurial community there, thanks toContinue reading “What it’s REALLY Like to Live in Medellin, Colombia”

Observations from 7 weeks in Buenos Aires

In November of 2016, I left my 9-to-5 office job and started working for a remote-based marketing agency, which has since given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. I first set my sights on Buenos Aires, where I ended up staying for 7 weeks. A little context: When I first arrivedContinue reading “Observations from 7 weeks in Buenos Aires”

Beyond the Beaches: Getting to Know Some of the Real Mexico

I think it’s safe to say that most gringos visit Mexico for the beaches. I’ll be honest: I’ve been guilty of being one of those gringos too. Up until last week, the only places I had visited in Mexico were Tijuana, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. In the latter two cities, my friend and I stayed atContinue reading “Beyond the Beaches: Getting to Know Some of the Real Mexico”

17 Razões para Ter Adorado Morar no Brasil

Após ler um artigo, escrito por um americano que morou em São Paulo, notando todos os razões que ele odiou morar no Brasil, pensei em fazer o contrario. Não me entende mal – concordei com muitos pontos no artigo – e tinha as diferencias na cultura que eu não gostei e achei difícil morar no Brasil por váriosContinue reading “17 Razões para Ter Adorado Morar no Brasil”

Being 20 Again: 12 Days Spent in Ouro Preto

Last night I got back to Rio after spending twelve incredible days in Ouro Preto. I had originally planned to stay for five days, but was having such a great time that I ended up extending my stay. And I went by myself, which just goes to show that, while it’s always fun traveling withContinue reading “Being 20 Again: 12 Days Spent in Ouro Preto”

15 Things That Surprised Me About Brazil

You can learn a lot about a country and its culture just by visiting. But you really learn about a place after living there. After the honeymoon phase is over, you start to see both the good and the bad. You see what really lies beneath the surface, as opposed to just the fantasy sold in guidebooks andContinue reading “15 Things That Surprised Me About Brazil”

Beach Culture in Rio: How to Blend in Like a Local

To most cariocas, the revered beach is much more than just a place to swim and soak up some rays. And if you want to blend in somewhat, there are a few things you should know about this city’s unique beach culture. Get to know the “postos” First things first, “postos” are used as a reference pointContinue reading “Beach Culture in Rio: How to Blend in Like a Local”