Being 20 Again: 12 Days Spent in Ouro Preto

Last night I got back to Rio after spending twelve incredible days in Ouro Preto. I had originally planned to stay for five days, but was having such a great time that I ended up extending my stay. And I went by myself, which just goes to show that, while it’s always fun traveling withContinue reading “Being 20 Again: 12 Days Spent in Ouro Preto”

15 Things That Surprised Me About Brazil

You can learn a lot about a country and its culture just by visiting. But you really learn about a place after living there. After the honeymoon phase is over, you start to see both the good and the bad. You see what really lies beneath the surface, as opposed to just the fantasy sold in guidebooks andContinue reading “15 Things That Surprised Me About Brazil”

Celebrating Carnival in Rio

Brazilian Carnival is one of those special events that everyone should celebrate at least once in their lifetime. I just finished celebrating my first Carnival in Brazil. While I didn’t watch the actual Carnaval competition/parade, I did participate in the festivities. In Rio, Carnaval is much more of a daytime celebration (whereas in Florianópolis, for example, the real funContinue reading “Celebrating Carnival in Rio”

Paradise Found: A Few Days Spent in Floripa

A few weeks ago, I went to Florianópolis (aka Floripa), located in the Southern state of Brazil, Santa Catarina. I went with my friend Mallory, who is currently taking a six-week trip around South America. Before visiting, I had heard from many people how incredible Florianópolis was. But I still didn’t expect to totally fallContinue reading “Paradise Found: A Few Days Spent in Floripa”

Beach Culture in Rio: How to Blend in Like a Local

To most cariocas, the revered beach is much more than just a place to swim and soak up some rays. And if you want to blend in somewhat, there are a few things you should know about this city’s unique beach culture. Get to know the “postos” First things first, “postos” are used as a reference pointContinue reading “Beach Culture in Rio: How to Blend in Like a Local”

Tips for Staying Safe in Rio

Many people think of Brazil as being a very dangerous place.  While the US is subject to frequent random shootings and acts of terrorism, Brazil’s safety issues are more along the lines of petty crimes and robberies.  Both countries are dangerous (and I might even argue just as much so), just in different ways. Last week,Continue reading “Tips for Staying Safe in Rio”

Riding the Bus in Rio: What You Need to Know

In Rio, the bus is the way that everyone gets around.  There is a metro system but there are few lines and it is not very extensive.  Each time I have traveled somewhere,  I have relied on the bus to get me there. While there are many bus lines in Rio, the busses often getContinue reading “Riding the Bus in Rio: What You Need to Know”